Universal Security Monitoring provides fast and reliable service to our dealer clients throughout North America. Our Five Diamond Central Station boasts the fastest response time in the industry with an average of 10 seconds. Before most monitoring companies have acknowledged an alarm, our operators are already wrapping up the first phone call.

Our UL Listed facility utilizes the best central station technology. We employ a number of backup systems, including live redundant monitoring in both Gainesville, Florida and Suwanee, Georgia, to ensure central station reliability.

Experience the Difference

Our Management Team at Universal Security Monitoring boasts over 120 years combined experience in the alarm industry. In addition to alarm industry experience, many members of our team also have spent part of their career in the military, law enforcement, and fire rescue.

"For the past 15 years, we have monitored our accounts with Universal Security Monitoring. Their dispatch speed and professionalism is unprecedented in this industry."

John Pastore, President
Crime Prevention Security Systems, LLC